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The company Y+D Training always seeks excellence, which together with its personalized and individual treatment of each client has allowed it to impose itself as a reference in terms of personal training centers over the years.

They are specialists in Injuries Recovery through the Revival Method, which they have been perfecting during the last 10 years. With this method it is possible to recover the mobility that has been lost over time and/or to relieve the pain due to old injuries.


By using its own method developed over the years, the muscles that are “disabled” are activated to achieve a correct functioning of the body and, consequently, allow the recovery of the injury.


“Pay attention to me and do not lie to me”

With the specialist in nutrition of Y+D Training and your specific training for losing weight, you will achieve a radical change along 2-3 months aproximately.


If you are looking for an exclusive personal training in a serene place, with the latest fitness machines and with the best professionals in the sector, this is your place.


Phases of the Revival Method process for Injury Recovery:

     1. Mobility test

     2. Muscular Response Test

     3. Muscle Reactivation Re-Test

     4. Muscle reinforcement

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What is the Revival Method?

The most common injuries are usually caused by an imbalance in the functioning of the muscles, and this can cause lack of mobility or pain. That disequilibrium the body may have is what brings us to the next point: the Muscular Compensation; muscles that do not belong to a certain muscular group “go into action” and with an over-effort they manage to make movements that other muscles that have “turned off” should have made. This is, they do not perform their function correctly.

The muscles that are not activated cause an overexertion in others, which are forced to join forces to carry out the movements that corresponded to that muscle.

With the Revival Method, the muscles that have been not functioning properly are activated due to the injury, achieving a muscular rebalancing and allowing the recovery of the injury.

Y+D Training in the press


Thanks to the quality and exclusivity of their personal training center, they have had the privilege of appearing in different media, both print and digital; for example in a report of Diario Información

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Exclusive Personal Training Center in Alicante

The facilities of Y+D Training consist of North American fitness machines developed by doctors, physiotherapists, etc. It takes more than 20 years of research to create machines that allow effective and safe training.

The coaches of Y + D Training guarantee you a personal training performed in the most optimal conditions, so you can work the desired muscles accurately, without the need of over exertion.

All of this, of course, supervised and guided by professionals of the Physical Activity.

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